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Hey guys! Are you coming to REALationships

We're going to have a great time, praise the Lord, and knock some common issues out of the park! Some things the church may not have seen from every angle.

Friday - When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

For example, we talk about peer pressure from the world, but what about peer pressure from inside the church? Have you been acting holy to fit in? That's what happens when keeping it real goes wrong! There's a solution!


Sabbath Morning - Somebody go and get Eudicus

Do you ever feel like the church and its services are just too orderly and prim to be disturbed for someone like yourself, or have you ever felt that they would never accept that person you want to be saved? Sounds like someone needs to go get Eudicus.


Vespers - David was a stripper

Are you carrying someone else's armor into your battles? It can only way you down. We cannot fight our own battles wearing someone else's armor!


This weekend is going to be special. We are looking for open honesty in our church relationships. Forgiveness and support can only take place in a place where honesty and humility reign. We want healing, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are coming together in search of REALationships, something that we feel is under constant attack by the enemy.