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BC Conference News

a) Notice: Mountain View Summer Camp is seeking a nurse(s) for
Summer Camp this summer. Camp for the Blind (July 2-7)
• Kid’s Camp I – July 9 – 16 / Kid’s Camp II – July 16 – 23 / Teen
Camp – August 6 – 13 / Youth Camp – August 13 – 20
*A child (age 7 – 18) of your choice can receive a FREE Camp for each
week you volunteer. Please contact Shelley for more information at
sgibbons@bcadventist.ca or call 604-853-5451.

b) “The Camp Meeting Security Committee is searching for members
from all our churches who may be interested in a paid camp
security position for the duration of this year’s Camp Meeting.
Searching for able bodied members who are 25+, willing to submit
to a criminal record check. The position will be an 8-hour shift work,
from 12–8am, attending to gate security for a maximum of 5 days. If
you are interested, please contact Petar Djakov at (604)-853-5451
x301, or by e-mail, pdjakov@bcadventist.ca. Please share your
contact information so that we can call you back to discuss any
questions or concerns you may have.

c) Oakridge SDA 60th Anniversary is inviting you for their Feb 25th
Homecoming Sabbath.

d) Camp Hope CAMP MEETING: July 28 to August 5th

e) Main Pavilion Musicians Search for Camp Meeting 2023. Pastor
Robert Folkenberg is in charge of the music for this year’s camp
meeting; he is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please
call him at 604-389-9134 or email him
at rfolkenberg@bcadventist.ca

f) Join us as we learn and grow on “The Matters of a Man.” A
Men’s Ministry retreat April 14-16 in Camp Hope. With guest
Speaker: Ed Keyes, president of the Arizona Conference of the
Seventh-day Adventist Church. Registration begins on February
20th. For details, please visit our website
at www.bcadventist.ca