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Constituency Meeting - Nov 20

▪ All members of Victoria & Rest Haven SDA Churches are
cordially invited to Lakeview Christian School’s Annual
Constituency Meeting to mark the beginning of a new school
year on Sab evening, Nov 20th, 2021, via Zoom @ 6 p.m. The
meeting ID is: 640-2864-2887, Passcode: joy.
▪ We all worked tremendously hard and celebrated many
blessings over this past year. So many of you came together to
volunteer and contribute financially to support this mission.
Your efforts are appreciated and the success of LCS is the
result of teamwork and full dependance on God’s leadership.
▪ As we lay plans for the year ahead, we rally our team to focus
on the vision for our future. Why is this mission important?
Why should we wholeheartedly commit to encouraging
children and those in our community to love Jesus, love others
and love learning? Why do we want LCS to grow and why
should we support it?
▪ This meeting will enable us to renew our commitment to the
mission and be ready for the new school year.
▪ We will be reviewing highlights of the previous year and
looking forward to possibilities for the future. We will also be
reviewing the financial statement of the past year and
approving the budget for the new year. Thank you for all you
do to support our precious children.