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Community Classifieds

 Physiotherapy Student Looking for Accommodation.

Alexis, a student at UBC in the Physiotherapy program, needs accommodation for four weeks from May 30 – July 3. Appreciate if you anyone could help us find a room for these dates. We are more than happy to compensate for Alexis accommodation. Contact information - Alexis Kari, Phone $416-904-9713; Alternative Phone # 519-716-7808 - Grand Father P.D. Solomon Dev.

Adventist Travel Nurse

is looking for (a month to month) 6-month rental. If you can accommodate this request, please contact Liz Aumann at 778-808-5741


Adventist Nanny

with current teacher experience seeking employment in Canada through Child Care Provider Pilot program. Requires Offer of Employment. Ready to meet Canadian employer. Great fit for Adventist or Christian family. Don't need a nanny, but know someone who does? Please share this information with your circle of friends. Contact Heidi Domke, RN (BC licensed TFW recruiter) at 250-532-3511, or
legacycaregivers@yahoo.com for more information.

Cards/Letters/Phone Calls Appreciated

Sister Frances Matiko is now living at the Sunrise Retirement community in Victoria - Address: 920 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC, V8V 4W7. She will appreciate an encouragement of a letter or card . Also, if you wish to speak to Frances, feel free to give a call to this phone number (250)-592-6579. Please remember that there are no personal visits at this time because of COVID.                                                                                                 Reposted Jan 1, 2021

Mobility Scooter Wanted

Vanessa Powell, because of a painful leg condition, is looking for a used, four wheel, reliable, serviceable mobility scooter. She does not have a car, and needs a scooter, as an alternative, to get around.  If you know of one that is going for a good price (not too expensive) please call Pam @ 250-882-3366                      Reposted Jan 1