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LCS is Seeking Applications (December 18, 2021)

LCS is seeking applications for a volunteer bookkeeper, a full-time educational assistant (EA), substitute EAs and sub teachers, & a part-time school bus driver. Please contact Susan Featherby for more information. Thank you. Ph: (250) 9896-6755 Email: sfeatherby@lcsvictoria.ca

Virtual Baby Shower for Maisie & Talia (December 2021)

Dear Church family, in the next few weeks ( time to be announced on or after Dec 17) join us for the virtual baby shower for two families (Daniel Greer Kasanas & Harmony Fry) and (Lazarus & Judy Mhango Zulu). God blessed both families with precious little babies: Maisie Hernandez Fry & Talia Zulu. 

Please bring your gifts to our Victoria’s Family Ministries team  (Domingo & Carolina Daniels), or our church secretary Glenys Mino - who will arrange a virtual Baby Shower & pass your gifts on  to both families.

Contact info for Domingo & Carolina – 250-508-5160, or email: cedaniels7@gmail.com / Church Secretary Glenys Mino – 250-514-9578, Email: gfmino@shaw.ca


Mobility Scooter Wanted

Vanessa Powell, because of a painful leg condition, is looking for a used, four wheel, reliable, serviceable mobility scooter. She does not have a car and needs a scooter to get around.  If you know of one that is not too expensive please call Pam @ 250-882-3366