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Community Classifieds

Room for Rent Wanted

We have a request from Brother Lyndon Reid, who recently moved from Alberta, to find a place for rent. He is able to afford a place of up to $900 dollars/month. If you have a room, or know someone that needs a tenant, please call him, or text him at 587-703-1485, or email lyndongeorge@gmail.com  Posted Dec 3     Expires Jan 3

Cards/Letters/Phone Calls Appreciated

Sister Frances Matiko is now living at the Sunrise Retirement community in Victoria - Address: 920 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC, V8V 4W7. She will appreciate an encouragement of a letter or card . Also, if you wish to speak to Frances, feel free to give a call to this phone number (250)-592-6579. Please remember that there are no personal visits at this time because of COVID.                                                                                                    Posted Nov 13 Expires Dec 13

Mobility Scooter Wanted

Vanessa Powell, because of a painful leg condition, is looking for a used, four wheel, reliable, serviceable mobility scooter. She does not have a car, and needs a scooter, as an alternative, to get around.  If you know of one that is going for a good price (not too expensive) please call Pam @ 250-882-3366                      Re posted Dec 3 Expires Jan 3